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    Transitioning to the new Aged Care Quality Standards

    Transition to the new Standards has begun. The Quality Agency will commence assessment and monitoring against the new Standards from 1 July 2019.

    Service providers are encouraged to use the transition period to:

    • identify and address areas for improvement in order for the new Standards to be met
    • support their staff to understand the requirements of the new standards
    • support care recipients and their families, carers and representatives to understand what the changes mean for them, and
    • align their system, policies and practices with the new standards

    During the transition period the Quality Agency and the Department of Health will conduct activities to:

    • assist consumers to understand the new arrangements
    • support service providers to implement the new standards.

    The Quality Agency will distribute information about the new standards through site visits to aged care services, and via our monthly newsletter, the Quality Standard through the entire transition period. The Quality Agency will also provide education programs, online learning resources and a series of state-based events. Please see our Education pages for details.

    For more information see our New Standards pages.