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    Let's talk about quality

    Developing a shared understanding of quality in aged care services

    In 2015 we produced a discussion paper called Let's talk about quality, asking for public comments based on five themes:

    • Putting consumers front and centre
    • Safety is essential but not enough
    • Integration across the aged care experience
    • A quality culture that encourages excellence
    • Leadership and innovation

    We received more than 150 responses to the discussion paper, and ran three consultation forums, where more than 140 people attended and actively participated in the discussion. 

    Download the ‘Let’s Talk About Quality report” 2015 here.

    The background

    The reasons we gave for conducting the consultation included:

    • We have a key function “to promote high quality care, innovation in quality management and continuous improvement amongst approved providers of aged care“.
    • The Government is progressively reforming the aged care sector, including revising the existing standards of care. We are committed to working together with the aged care community to identify opportunities for improvement. The question of quality is now live.
    • It is important and timely to have a conversation with the aged care community, including consumers, experts and service providers to better understand expectations of quality in aged care, and how it is defined and measured.
    • We are seeing a shift in the perceptions of quality of care based on compliance with minimum standards, to a more sophisticated definition of quality to ensure the expectations of older Australians are met or exceeded.

    Download the 'Let's talk about quality' final report - 2015 (PDF, 5MB)

    Download the discussion paper - 2015 (PDF, 5MB) (the online feedback channel on this discussion paper is now closed)

    Download the presentation slides from our discussion forums 2015