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    Review audits

    What is a review audit?

    A review audit is an onsite assessment of the quality of care and services provided to residents by a home, measured against the Accreditation Standards. Review audits are conducted by an assessment team of at least two assessors.

    Review audits may be announced or unannounced. They involve a complete review of the home’s systems against all 44 expected outcomes of the Accreditation Standards.

    Why are review audits conducted?

    A review audit may be conducted if:

    • as a result of an assessment contact, we consider that the approved provider of the home may not be meeting the Accreditation Standards
    • the home was placed on a timetable for improvement after failing to meet the Accreditation Standards and has not succeeded in meeting the standards during the period set by the Quality Agency
    • there is a change to the  home, for example, change in key personnel, number of ‘allocated resident places’ or building
    • the Department of Health directs the Quality Agency to undertake a review audit. 

    What is the process for a review audit?

    A brief summary of the process is as follows:

    • a site visit is conducted by an assessment team
    • the assessment team writes a report
    • the approved provider is provided with the report which they can then respond to if they wish
    • a decision-maker, separate from the team, makes a decision on the home’s performance against the Accreditation Standards and any changes to the home’s accreditation status or period
    • the approved provider is informed of the decision
    • the Department of Health is informed
    • the decision and report are published on this website.

    It is the responsibility of the approved provider to demonstrate that the residential aged care home meets the Accreditation Standards. Please be aware that providing false or misleading information is a serious offence under the Criminal Codes Act 1995.

    How are residents involved in a review audit?

    The assessment team interviews at least 10 per cent of residents or their representatives during a review audit.

    Approved providers of services should tell care recipients and their representatives about the outcomes of a review audit, including information on failure to meet the Accreditation Standards, any findings of serious risk and any sanctions imposed by the Department of Health.

    Read more about the review audit decision.

    What is made publicly available after a review audit?

    Review audit decisions and Reports on homes can be accessed on this website.

    Reports on Homes

    Use the Reports on Homes search to find the most recent accreditation reports on homes.

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