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    Single Aged Care Quality Framework Guidelines

    The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency is working with the aged care industry, consumers and other key stakeholders to develop guidelines and supporting material for the draft quality standards being developed by the Department of Health. This is in line with our commitment to improving quality in aged care through developing education and guidance material that helps ensure compliance with the aged care standards. 

    About the Single Aged Care Quality Framework

    The proposed Single Aged Care Quality Framework includes:

    • a single set of aged care quality standards to apply to all aged care services
    • a streamlined approach for assessing provider performance against quality standards 
    • improved information on quality to help consumers to make choices about the care and services they need. 

    The draft standards include:

    Standard 1   Consumer dignity, autonomy and choice

    Standard 2   Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers

    Standard 3   Delivering personal care and/or clinical care

    Standard 4   Delivering lifestyle services and supports

    Standard 5   Service environment

    Standard 6   Feedback and complaints

    Standard 7   Human resources

    Standard 8 Organisational governance.

    For more information about the Single Aged Care Quality Framework, please see the Department of Health website.

    Introduction to the guidelines

    The Quality Agency is working to produce detailed guidelines to support the implementation of the new draft quality standards and to assist organisations to comply with them.  This guidance material will include information about how the draft standards will be measured.  We are also developing information for consumers to help them to understand the standards and what they can expect.  These draft resources will be developed in parallel with the piloting of the draft standards..

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    Aims of the guidelines

    It is anticipated the guidelines will:

    • provide practical guidance to facilitate compliance with the standards
    • describe objectives, expectations and expected outcomes in relation to the standards
    • reflect the consumer-centred focus of the standards, including the emphasis on safety and welfare
    • describe organisational requirements to demonstrate the standard has been met
    • explain the Government’s role in regulating and monitoring compliance with the standards – including how we plan to assess and measure outcomes against the new standards
    • explain terminology associated with areas such as compliance, continuous improvement and serious risk
    • be open to tailoring to different services where there may be different needs, such as home care, residential care and flexible care
    • continue to evolve over time, with updates/clarifications made where necessary.

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    Consultation process

    The Quality Agency is actively consulting with stakeholders to help us develop and refine the guidelines.

    We are committed to ensuring the guidelines reflect the experience and understanding of aged care providers, consumers and their representatives.  We are asking stakeholders to participate in various ways including:

    • a public invitation to provide feedback via the email address  
    • a public invitation to register for updates/announcements about the development of the guidelines, including details on consultation arrangements. To register please submit your details via our Subscribe to updates form.
    • the establishment of working groups, including members representing provider and consumer groups, and academic and subject experts, that will provide input on the guidelines
    • expert assistance on reviewing best practice in this area.

    Once the guidelines have been drafted, we will also seek input on:

    • whether the advice in the guidelines actively promotes compliance with the new standards
    • how easy or difficult the statements, measures and outcomes are to understand, whether there any matters missing and what you would expect to be included
    • any challenges organisations might have in accessing, using and implementing such guidance material.

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    To register for updates/announcements...

    To register for updates/announcements about the development of new guidance material related to draft standards and the Single Aged Care Quality Framework, please submit your details via our Subscribe to updates form.

    For more information about the Single Aged Care Quality Framework please see the Department of Health website.

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