October 2018

Checklist: Getting ready for the New Standards

How prepared is your organisation for the new Aged Care Quality Standards (new Standards) - scheduled to take effect from July 2019? 

To support the sector’s transition, the Quality Agency is continuing to release new online learning resources, information and events. 

Here’s a checklist to help you keep up to date with what’s new – including posters, a video, webinar, guidance material and upcoming information sessions.

Download new posters and factsheets 
Our new printable posters and factsheets are aimed at informing aged care service providers and staff about the new Standards. The resources include clear graphics, colour coding and easily identifiable icons associated with each Standard. 

These resources will be helpful during staff training sessions and to place on noticeboards as we count down to the introduction of the new Standards.

Download now from our new Standards Guidance web pages

See the October webinar – Standards Guidance material
A Department of Health webinar, held earlier in October, included discussion on the new Aged Care Quality Standards guidance material, and commentary from Quality Agency representatives. You can view the webinar online anytime. 

Watch now on the Department of Health webinar page.

Watch the new Preparing for the Standards video 
Available on our New Aged Care Quality Standards Guidance pages, this video encourages you to think about consumers in your aged care organisation, how the new Standards apply to your work and to identify opportunities for improvement. 

Watch now on our new Standards Guidance web pages

Familiarise yourself with the new Guidance material
The guidance material for providers describes expectations and provides supporting information, suggested practices, examples and evidence required to ensure compliance with the new Standards. 

Access the new guidance material on our website

Also see our Spotlight on Standard 8 – Organisational Governance this Quality Standard

Register to attend education sessions and view upcoming webinar
To help aged care service providers and staff transition to the new Standards, we are offering a suite of education events related to two important phases: Getting to Know the Standards (until the end of 2018) and Preparing for the new Standards (from February 2019).

  • Our Getting to Know the Standards information sessions are continuing in various Australian states and territories in October, November and December. See our Education web pages to register. The half-day sessions are offered to those in leadership positions and trainers working in home care and residential aged care services. 
  • For those that miss the workshop,webinar on Getting to Know the Standards will be provided. The webinar will take place on Friday 30 November between 11am and 12.30pm. See our Education web pages to register.
  • Our state-based Preparing for the New Standards events will be offered from February to May 2019.   These events will open for registration during late November. See our Education web pages for more information.
  • Note on Existing Courses:We also include introductory information on the new Standards in our fee-for-service courses, Understanding Accreditation and Understanding Quality Review. These courses mainly focus on existing Standards, however from April 2019 they will focus only on the new Standards.

For more details contact education@aacqa.gov.au