May 2018

Preparing for unannounced re-accreditation audits

To help prepare residential aged care services for changes to re-accreditation audits from 1 July 2018, the Quality Agency has updated its website with information on the key changes taking place. A webinar and information sessions continue to run in June, and the Agency is asking providers to submit questions about the changes via our online form.

About the changes

To help ensure safe, quality care standards are maintained at all services at all times, the Government has determined re-accreditation audits will be unannounced across residential aged care services from 1 July 2018
The new arrangements will apply to all residential aged care services:

  • applying for re-accreditation from 1 July 2018
  • with an accreditation expiry date on, or after, 1 January 2019.

The new arrangements will not yet apply to providers who have already been advised of the date of their re-accreditation audit.

The move to unannounced re-accreditation audits includes:

  • a strengthened focus on care recipients and their representatives' participation in the audit process, including interviewing care recipients prior to, and during, the site audit
  • tighter profiling of homes to identify potential care and safety risks
  • self-assessment of performance to be included in application for re-accreditation. 

Changes to processes
Implementing unannounced re-accreditation audits will bring changes to the current re-accreditation process. Our updated web pages on unannounced re-accreditation audits outline changes affecting processes such as notifying residents of the site audit visit and the requirement to submit a self-assessment at the time of application.  See our unannounced re-accreditation audit pages on our website for details.

To reflect these changes in processes, we have also updated our self-assessment for residential aged care page on our website, and our Qassist education resources (see article this Quality Standard).

Do you have questions about the changes?

To help us compile and develop resources for providers about the changes, we are asking you to submit your questions on the changes. Please provide your input via the online form on our website.

Register for June webinar

If you haven’t already registered for a face-to-face information session, the Quality Agency is also holding a webinar to inform providers of residential aged care about the move to unannounced re-accreditation audits.

Date: Tuesday 5 June 2018, 11am – 12pm.

We will provide a recording of the webinar for later viewing on our website.

To register for the live webinar, see our Move to Unannounced Re-accreditation Audits web page.

Information Sessions – Limited seats still available in Darwin - NT

We have been conducting conducting one-hour information sessions across Australia to inform providers of residential aged care about the changes. While demand has been high for these sessions there are limited seats available in Darwin at the time of publication. 

For more information

See our Move to Unannounced Re-accreditation Audits web page.