February 2018

Piloting draft standards

The Quality Agency is piloting the draft Aged Care Quality Standards and supporting guidance material.

The draft Aged Care Quality Standards, scheduled to be implemented in July 2018, have been developed by the Department of Health in consultation with stakeholders. The new standards will replace the Accreditation Standards, Home Care Standards, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Program Quality Framework Standards, and Transition Care Standards. They will apply to all Commonwealth-subsidised aged care services including residential care, home care and flexible care.

There will be a 12-month transition period to the new Aged Care Standards commencing from 1 July 2018. Formal assessment against the new Aged Care Quality Standards will commence from 1 July 2019.

About the guidance and pilot

The Quality Agency is developing the guidance material in consultation with industry, consumers and other key stakeholders. This will help service providers comply with the standards, and form a new framework for quality surveyors to assess compliance. We are also developing resources to help consumers understand the new standards.

The Quality Agency is currently piloting the draft Aged Care Quality Standards and the guidance material. The pilot process is testing the measurability of the draft standards and the effectiveness of the guidance material. A program of testing has been developed to ensure the draft standards and guidance is tested with a wide range of service types, sizes and service locations. The findings from this process will inform the final products.

The Quality Agency is currently developing its education and support program for the implementation of the draft standards and associated compliance assistance functions.

Service providers can continue to register their interest in becoming involved in the pilot via the email address

New information resource

The Quality Agency’s draft Aged Care Quality Standards web pages provide information on how we’re developing the guidance material. The pages include information on:

  • the new standards being developed by the Department of Health 
  • our pilot process for testing the standards and guidance material 
  • our consultation with industry and consumers
  • the different phases of developing the standards guidance.

For more information on the standards guidance development process or to be involved see the Aged Care Quality Standards web pages or contact us directly via the email address

For updates, including information on upcoming education programs, keep reading the  Quality Standard newsletter.