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    2017 Archive: Quality Standard

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    2017 monthly archive

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    December 2017 

    • 2017 at a glance
    • Message from the CEO
    • Our new provider education resources
    • Being a Better Practice winner
    • Resources for the festive season
    • Aged Care Diversity Framework
    • Recent reports and consultations: Department Health
    • Combatting antimicrobial resistance
    • In Brief: courses, events, resources

    Dec 2017 Quality Standard PDF

    November 2017

    • Our 2016-2017 Annual Report released  
    • Message from the CEO
    • Consultations on draft standards guidelines
    • New aged care workforce taskforce
    • Review of aged care regulatory processes
    • Qassist resources now available online
    • Better Practice Conference: planning 2018, highlights 2017
    • Update to the Quality Surveyor Handbook
    • Summer emergencies: are you ready?
    • In Brief: courses, events, resources

    Nov 2017 Quality Standard (PDF)


    October 2017

    • Infection control – Do you have it under control?
    • Message from the CEO
    • Quality Agency appointment
    • Resources: Flu outbreaks
    • Quality Agency Seminars: Providers
    • Aged Care Data Reports
    • Legislated Review of Aged Care 2017 – final report now available
    • Increasing access: Aged Care Complaints Commissioner
    • In Brief: courses, events, resources

    Oct 2017 Quality Standard (PDF)

    September 2017
    • Consumer Report to cover ‘All Aged Care homes’
    • Message from the CEO 
    • Education programs
    • About the winners: Better Practice Awards
    • Update on Cost Recovery
    • Better Practice Conference - Perth
    • Choking on food or small objects
    • Aged care data site ‘invaluable resource’
    • ‘Complaints Matter’ - Aged Care Complaints Commissioner
    • In Brief: courses, events, resources

    Sept 2017 Quality Standard (PDF)

     August 2017
    • Our 2017 Better Practice Award Winners!
    • Message from the CEO
    • National Innovation and Excellence in Aged Care Award Winners 2017
    • Commendation Award Winners 2017
    • Launch of our Regulatory Bulletin
    • Better Practice Conferences: Brisbane, Perth
    • In Brief: courses, events, resources

    Aug 2017 Quality Standard (PDF)

     July 2017
    • Computer Assisted Audit Tool
    • Message from the CEO
    • Quality Agency Education
    • Better Practice Conference & Awards Reception Event, Sydney Aug 17
    • CRIS Consultation
    • Consumer Experience Reports
    • Quality Surveyor Handbook update
    • In Brief: courses, events, resources

    Jul 2017 Quality Standard (PDF)

     June 2017
    • New Consumer Experience Reports
    • Message from the CEO
    • Consultation: Guidelines draft quality standards
    • Consultation: Draft CRIS 2018-19
    • 2017 Better Practice Conferences Adelaide and Sydney
    • Update: antimicrobial medications in aged care
    • In Brief: courses, events, resources

    Jun 2017 Quality Standard (PDF)

    May 2017

    • Consumer Experience Reports to publish from June
    • Message from the CEO
    • Better Practice Conferences Melbourne and Adelaide
    • Dementia Training Australia workshops on Special Needs Groups
    • New aged-care resources
    • Online resources to assist planning ahead for people with dementia
    • End of Life Care Resource for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People
    • A New Tool Supporting Spiritual Care for Elderly
    • National Aged Care Workforce Census and Survey results online

    May 2017 Quality Standard (PDF)

    April 2017
    • Better Practice Conferences Darwin and Melbourne 2017
    • Message from the CEO 
    • Accreditation Fees
    • Nominate by 30 April: Better Practice Awards 2017
    • Focus on Diversity workshops: 2 May before Darwin Better Practice 2017
    • Department of Health Consultations
    • Review into wellness and reablement in home care
    • Eggs: Dignity and choice in aged care dining vs Risk and compliance
    • Research on thriving in residential aged care homes
    • Falls awareness month in April 2017

    Apr 2017 Quality Standard (PDF)

     March 2017
    • Seeking your views: new quality standards & streamlined assessment
    • Message from the CEO
    • Careers 2017: quality surveyors
    • Quality Agency Better Practice Awards 2017
    • Better Practice Conference 2017 - Darwin registrations now open
    • Focus on Diversity Workshop
    • New toolkit: engaging consumers in aged care services
    • How to improve dietary communication bringing it back to the residents
    • Step forward - together: project supporting wellness and enablement
    • Living in aged care: a photographic exhibition of laughter, loss and leisure
    • Education update from the Quality Agency

    Mar 2017 Quality Standard (PDF)

    February 2017
    • Nominate for Better Practice Awards 2017
    • Message from the CEO
    • Advantages of interprofessional education in aged care
    • Information for consumers on quality in aged care
    • Better Practice Conferences 2017
    • Free Webinars for Aged Care Workers
    • Interdependence, Imagination and Compassion in Aged Care
    • Home care in 2017
    • Understanding accreditation course update

    Feb 2017 Quality Standard (PDF)

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