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    2016 monthly archive

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    December 2016 

    • Small Acts of Love  
    • Message from the CEO
    • Co-designing the Consumer focused audit report
    • Better oral health care for people with dementia
    • Improving hearing assistance in Aged Care
    • Impact of indoor air temperature on agitation of residents with dementia
    • Time to enjoy the parties and festivities
    • Dysphagia Management in Aged Care
    • Evacuation Guidelines
    • Understanding accreditation course - Now two days

    Dec 2016 Quality Standard PDF

    November 2016

    • New Report to Highlight Consumer Experience
    • Message from the CEO 
    • Time Travelling with Technology
    • Recognising Cultural Diversity in aged care
    • Australian literature on consumer perspectives of residential aged care
    • Camden finding new ways to do Meals on Wheels
    • Home Care Today: resource hub for new ideas and choices in home care

    Nov 2016 Quality Standard (PDF)


    October 2016

    • New audit tool to drive quality assurance (Computer Assisted Audit Tool - CAAT)
    • Message from the CEO  
    • Elder abuse: Recent research and effective responses / Webinar
    • Compliance assistance education
    • Call for Papers Better Practice 2017
    • “It’s just part of the job” – dealing with death in aged care
    • Better Practice - Brisbane
    • Helping to understand delirium
    • Podcast series about dementia
    • Making a difference with language and culture
    • What’s on the menu?

    Oct 2016 Quality Standard (PDF)

    September 2016
    • Message from the CEO
    • Better Practice 2017 Call for papers
    • Better Practice 2016 Award Winners

    Sept 2016 Quality Standard (PDF)

    August 2016
    • Spiritual guidelines balance art and science of spirituality in aged care
    • Message from the CEO
    • Who I am, who you are and who we are
    • New app to help run a ‘community café’ for people with dementia
    • Best Wellness Program for St Hedwig Village’s Ride around Australia
    • Best Active Ageing award for Lifeview’s positive ageing project
    • Better Practice 2016 dates and locations

    Aug 2016 Quality Standard (PDF)

     July 2016
    • Norman Swan's Better Practice presentation now on Youtube
    • Message from the CEO
    • Working together to streamline accreditation effects
    • Better Practice conference
    • Regional, Rural and Remote Project SA & NT
    • Meaningful Ageing - what's in a name?
    • 2016 Aged Care national antimicrobial prescribing survey (acNAPS)
    • Bethanie encourage inclusivity through free dementia seminars

    Jul 2016 Quality Standard (PDF)

     June 2016

    • The National Aged Care Workforce Census and Survey  
    • Message from the CEO
    • The Purple Truck delivers more than machines and medicine
    • PEPA delivers culturally appropriate palliative care to the Indigenous population
    • Some changes to how we deliver QUEST and Qhome
    • A Change Full of Meaning
    • Better Practice conferences - Check your inbox not your letterbox!

    June 2016 Quality Standard (PDF)

    May 2016

    • Better Practice Awards 2016 close 31 May
    • Message from the CEO
    • Download Decision Assist’s ‘app’ palliAGEDnurse
    • Focus on Diversity: NEW workshop for home care and residential aged care
    • Eating well – help for older people and their carers
    • Hillview’s Memory Support Handbook
    • Better Questions, the key to the success of the Wellness Approach
    • Connecting services and dispelling fears
    • Collaboration to advance research on ageing for older CALD Australians
    • “Positively ageing - the challenges of growing older with HIV”

    May 2016 Quality Standard (PDF)

    April 2016
    • The Innovation Hub - Governance project
    • Message from the CEO
    • Translated Charter for Home Care now available
    • Home care providers - have you downloaded your free education package for staff?
    • Lifeview reaches the rainbow
    • Beat the drum
    • Respite for young and old at Juniper Hakea
    • Clients with dementia make art with pre-schoolers

    Apr 2016 Quality Standard (PDF)

     March 2016
    • Better Practice Awards 2016
    • Message from the CEO
    • Quality Review Guidelines for National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care
    • Better Practice Darwin
    • Pre-conference forum for home care providers
    • Obligations for employers of health practitioners
    • Improving Antimicrobial Prescribing in residential aged care
    • Best Practice Food and Nutrition Manual for Aged Care Facilities

    Mar 2016 Quality Standard (PDF)

    February 2016
    • Let's talk about quality
    • Message from the CEO
    • What is quality?
    • The need for a cultural shift
    • Incentivise what matters - safety is essential but not enough
    • A new language - supporting informed choice for consumers
    • What factors influence quality?
    • Challenges to the achievement of quality in aged care
    • A coherent model for aged care
    • The role of Government in aged care
    • A single quality framework and revised standards
    • Innovation in aged care
    • Where to now?
    • Arts Health Institute - The Future of Ageing

    Feb 2016 Quality Standard (PDF)

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