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    What is Qhome?

    Qhome has a topic based design linked directly to the quality review process and some of the different expected outcomes within the Standards. It is a fully customisable, flexible learning resource that supports a range of workplace learning options and different target audience needs, including self directed learning. The topics are designed to be chosen and used in a variety of ways that are responsive to the service provider’s, staff and care recipients’ needs.

    What is in the Qhome resource?

    All components of Qhome are contained in a single PDF document. You can navigate to any section or topic using the bookmarks.

    User guide

    The user guide provides you with information on ways you might like to use Qhome in your workplace. It also includes a mapping of the topics and other resources and references that are available on our website.

    Qhome topics

    There are currently nine topics. Topics 1-8 are designed for home care services and staff. Topic 9 is designed for care recipients and their representatives.

    Each topic consists of a 1, 2 or 3 page learning resource. The front side provides a summary of key information, related to the topic. The other side(s) provides suggested learning activities and questions designed to support guided discussion and reflection on the topic.

    1. Reviewing the Home Care Common Standards

    Topic 1 gives a concise overview of the Home Care Common Standards and how quality review is undertaken. The principles of the standards and a consumer directed care approach require that care and service planning and delivery is undertaken in partnership with care recipients taking into consideration choice and the right to independence.

    2. Quality review overview

    Topic 2 provides an overview of the quality review and assessment contact process. This includes what to expect during and following a visit, including support provided to continuously improve care and service provision.

    3. Regulatory compliance – the rules and your organisation

    Topic 3 explores the crucial questions of what is regulatory compliance, why is it important and how can your service know it is complying with the relevant regulatory framework (standards, legislation and guidelines)? This includes identifying what is in place, what needs to be put in place, implementing processes to ensure compliance, and finally, monitoring that these processes are effective.

    4. Continuous improvement – enhancing the quality of care and service provision

    Topic 4 explores the importance of continuous improvement for your staff, your care recipients and service. It explains what continuous improvement is, covers examples of continuous improvement activities; and will assist you to identify and implement effective continuous improvement plans and processes for your service.

    5. Risk management – at home and in the community – whose responsibility is it?

    Topic 5 will build on your understanding of the range of risks that exist when you are working in a care recipient’s home and in the community, and the role that you have in identifying and managing risks to the safety, health and well being of care recipients and yourself.

    6. Assessment, care planning and re-assessment

    Topic 6 will explore the importance and interrelationship of assessment, care planning and re-assessment practices and processes. You will consider the effectiveness of your systems and the opportunities for improvement to demonstrate performance against these expected outcomes.

    7. Privacy and confidentiality = respect

    Topic 7 will examine areas that can impact on a care recipient’s privacy, dignity and confidentiality when they receive aged care services in their home and community and how staff contribute to ensuring their privacy and confidentiality is respected.

    8. Using care recipient feedback

    Topic 8 will support understanding of how feedback from care recipients and/or their representatives can be used to improve the quality of care and service delivery.

    9. Providing feedback in a quality review – Information for care recipients

    Topic 9 is a resource you can provide to and discuss with care recipients to give them more information about the quality review process and how they can get involved.

    Qhome presentation

    A PDF PowerPoint slide presentation has been included. This presentation provides an overview of the role of the Quality Agency and how we undertake the quality review process. It fits well with topics 1 and 2 and 9 however it could be used with any topic or as a stand-alone presentation. The User guide contains slide notes to support using the presentation.

    Other resources

    Other resources referred to in Qhome.

    Download Qhome here

    Updated Qhome version 2 now available for download. There has been a minor update to Qhome, topic one Reviewing the Home Care Common Standards. Two lines of text dropped off the bottom of the first page (Standard 3, EO 3.4 and 3.5) and these have now been reinstated. All other content in Qhome remains the same.

    Click here to download Qhome. You will be asked to provide us with your contact details.

    Qhome USB

    The Qhome resources are also available on a USB card which is being distributed by quality reviewers at site visits. Please note we are unable to send you a USB card by post. 

    If you have received a Qhome USB you will be able to save new versions on to it when they become available by downloading the latest version directly from our website to your USB card.