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    Getting to know the standards

    A Getting to know the Standards webinar will take place from 11am on Friday 30 November 2018. To register go to the registration page

    From September 2018, the Quality Agency is offering a targeted program of compliance assistance to support the sector during the transition to the new Aged Care Quality Standards. This will include webinars and face to face sessions.

    These sessions are targeted specifically towards those in leadership positions including managers, service co-ordinators, quality managers, educators and trainers working in home care and residential aged care services.

    The aim of these sessions is to raise awareness of the new Standards. This will include supporting aged care services to engage with the guidance materials to ensure they understand the intent and requirements of each Standard.

    Representatives who attend these information sessions will develop an understanding of the new Standards that they can take back to their service. From there services will need to consider what the new Standards mean for their service and how they will influence their culture and inform their practice.

    Please note that spaces are limited at the face to face information sessions. This means that groups of more than 2-3 from the same service especially in metropolitan areas may not be able to be accommodated.

    To register for the webinar, please go to the registration page.

    To register for a face to face information session, please go to the registration page for your state:

    • NSW/ACT dates and locations
    • Vic/Tas dates and locations
    • Qld dates and locations (Also includes Lismore and Tweed Heads)
    • SA/NT dates and locations (Also includes Broken Hill)
    • WA dates and locations

    Frequently asked questions

    We have more than 2-3 people in leadership positions in our service location that need to attend. Why are numbers being limited?
    We are attempting to provide as many face to face information sessions as possible. We need to be fair and equitable to both small, medium and larger providers. Therefore it is not possible to accommodate more than 2-3 representatives per service.

    We encourage you to register the most appropriate representative at your service that can bring back the key messages from the session and share these more broadly with your staff.

    We can’t get to a session or there isn’t a session in our local area?
    We will be offering a webinar that will have national online access. We will also make the recording available on our You Tube channel for ongoing access.

    We also encourage you to get familiar with the guidance materials and other resources that have been made available to support the sector. These resources are available in the guidance section of our website.

    The date and location we wanted to attend is fully booked, will more dates be organised if there is demand?
    The dates listed are the only dates that are available at this time.  If our resources allow we may run more sessions at a later date. However we would encourage you to register for the webinar when it opens for registration and to also start to review the guidance and other resources on our website.

    Can you run an information session specifically for my organisation?
    No. At this stage we not able to provide organisation direct information sessions, regardless of size or location.

    Will the information session slides be made available for us to use?
    Yes, we will make the information session presentation and session plan available as a Qassist module for free download on our website as soon as practical. We will advise when this is available through the Quality Standard newsletter.

    Will you be offering training in the new Standards for direct care staff?
    No. At this stage we are not able to provide training for direct care staff. However, we will provide information and resources that can be used and incorporated into your services staff development programs. These will be available for free download from our website.

    Will the Understanding Accreditation and Understanding quality review courses address the new Standards?
    Up until March 2019, these courses will continue to address the current applicable Standards. However from September they will include an overview of the content from these information sessions as part of the program.

    New courses that are focused only on the new Standards will be available from April 2019.

    We are having a multi-service provider network meeting; can we request a speaker attend to talk about the new Standards?
    We will consider requests to attend sector network meetings, however not all requests will be able to be accommodated. Requests should be made in writing to your regional office:

    NSW ACT -

    VIC -

    SA NT -

    QLD -

    WA -

    To enable consideration by the Quality Agency please include the following information as part of your request:

    • Date, location, number of people expected, number of services providers and types represented, purpose of the meeting.


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