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    Research reports - consumer experience reports residential aged care services

    This page relates to the Consumer Experience Report in residential aged care services. Also see our Consumer Experience Reports introductory page

    The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency is committed to evidence-based approaches and continuous improvement in quality assessment practices. We commission academic and social research to inform our work, where relevant. You can view our research reports below. 

    Pilot study: Development of core consumer interview questions for use in Consumer experience reports

    In 2017, the Quality Agency commissioned Professor Yvonne Wells of the Lincoln Centre for Research on Ageing (La Trobe University), to develop and pilot interview questions for inclusion in the Consumer Experience Reports.

    Read the report                Read the summary of findings

    Literature review: Drivers of choice and quality domains in Aged Care

    During 2016, the Quality Agency commissioned Professor Yun-Hee Jeon of the University of Sydney to complete a literature review.  The focus of the review was on the key drivers of choice and the quality domains of interest to consumers of residential aged care in Australia.

    Read the report       Read the summary of findings

    Social research: Informing Consumer experience reports

    During 2016, Ideas Group Australia was commissioned to conduct social research and identify the quality domains that are important to consumers when choosing an aged care home and once living within the home.  These domains formed the basis of question development for the Consumer experience reports.

    The findings from this social research and a snapshot from the literature review from the University of Sydney are documented in an infographic.

    View the Consumer experience infographic