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    Consumer Experience Reports


    About Consumer Experience Reports...

    Consumers' experience of the quality of care and services: aged care homes 

    When a team of surveyors from the Quality Agency visit an aged care home to perform re-accreditation as part of an audit, they interview at least 10% of those living in the home. 

    A core set of consumer interview questions are used to collect data on the experiences of the quality of care and services from those living in the home. The findings are reported in a Consumer Experience Report alongside the audit report for the home at

    How can I participate in Consumer Experience Reports?

    Aged care providers notify those living in the home (and their representatives), so that they have an opportunity to speak with the assessment team while they are on site at the home during an audit. During the audit, the Quality Agency will also ask core interview questions of a random sample of residents. The findings will be published in the Consumer Experience Report.   

    How can I use Consumer Experience Reports

    The published reports provide consumer information on the quality of care and services in the home from the people who live there. Along with the published re-accreditation Audit Report it can assist consumers to make decisions about their choice of services. More information on aged care services can be found at

    What is the basis for the Consumer Experience Report?

    The report covers aspects of the quality of care and services that are important to consumers and aligned with the expected outcomes of the Residential Aged Care Accreditation Standards. The questions are based on consultation undertaken by the Quality Agency. This includes workshop consultations with consumers and input from a Working Group who informed the content and design of the report. Research, development and statistical testing of the interview questions was conducted by the Lincoln Centre for Research on Ageing, La Trobe University.

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