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    Better Practice Awards 2017

    Better Practice Award 2017

    Congratulations to all our 2017 Better Practice Award winners!  We recognised these winners at our Awards reception event at the end of Day 1 of our Better Practice Sydney event on the 17 August 2017.

    Our Better Practice Awards are presented each year for projects, initiatives or programs that act as exemplars for other aged care service providers to assist and to encourage improvement to care and services. The Better Practice Awards recognise and disseminate better practice and innovation across the broad spectrum of aged care services.

    Link here for our 2017 Better Practice Award winners

    Our Awards program continues to recognise better practice through its national Better Practice Commendation Awards” (exemplars). These awards retain a clear focus on quality and safety for consumers.

    2017 has seen the introduction of the National Innovation and Excellence in Aged Care” awards. This new tier recognises a smaller number of providers, nationally, demonstrating leading edge, innovative practices in aged care that represent ‘excellence’. These Awards are designed to celebrate those providers who are industry leaders in aged care and who are worthy of both national and international recognition in aged care practice.

    Link here for our two inaugural winners of this Award

    Up to five of these awards will be offered nationally each year. The following factors would be typical of such programmes or initiatives at this level of award: 

    • An organisational culture that achieves outcomes in people’s lives, not just in service delivery
    • Continuous improvement approach that demonstrates line-of-sight from senior leadership to the frontline staff and services.
    • Clear benefits for the aged care sector, not just the organisation
    • Innovation or excellence beyond existing or competing initiatives
    • Is innovative and original
    • Creative individual centred design, flexibility and consumer engagement 
    • Service delivery supports the ‘total wellbeing’ of each person. This includes physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs

     The Award descriptors include:

    1. Leadership and culture
    2. Workforce development
    3. Health and wellbeing
    4. Dementia care
    5. Clinical care / medication management
    6. Safety
    7. Enablement  and / or transition care
    8. Consumer engagement and  / or co-design
    9. Social participation and lifestyle
    10. Technology and / or social media
    11. Diversity
    12. Living environment and / or Sustainability

    All nominations are assessed by an expert independent panel against selection criteria including a focus on quality of care and quality of life outcomes for consumers.

    Link to our August 2017 Quality Standard special edition on the Better Practice Award winners

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