AVID Challenge (Avondale Intergenerational Design) Challenge

Category: Consumer Directed Care and re-ablement

Adventist Senior Living, Cooranbong, NSW
Avondale House
Alton Lodge

The AVID Challenge (Avondale Intergenerational Design) Challenge evolved from regular resident outings to the local primary and secondary school, to a comprehensive program focusing on excellent resident outcomes with heightened feelings of validation and self esteem. The resident and their story is honoured through the principles of narrative therapy and story witnessing. Residents’ families may also become involved in the process, as may students’ parents – the program truly has broadened resident opportunities to connect with the community.

Local year 8 students are set the task of designing something based on their school technology curriculum as a meaningful gift for ‘their’ resident. The program begins with an education session, conducted by the Adventist Senior Living Diversional Therapist, designed to challenge students preconceived image of ageing and the stigma associated with ageing and aged care. Students learn that the resident they are soon to meet has led an amazing life, and they are tasked to really get to know the resident as a person. This is where the immense value of the program lies.

Each resident is paired with a student group consist of up to five students. As a group students draw on their technology skills including woodwork, food technology, robotics, textile technology, and polymer technology to design something meaningful for ‘their’ resident.

The first meeting is crucial. It takes place in a relaxed and conversation-promoting ‘cafe’ environment. There are four organised face to face meetings designed for resident-student engagement, with the final meeting being a celebration of teamwork and friendship between the students and residents.

All stakeholders are invited to attend a special morning tea where student groups explain what they have designed and made; how they came to make this item and its connection to their resident. The item is then presented as a gift to the resident.

During the 2014 AVID Challenge Avondale House and Alton Lodge evaluated and measured two resident outcomes. Firstly, they asked residents if the program offered them improved opportunity to engage with the community, and whether this resulted in a new sense of feeling valued. Secondly, they asked residents if they felt the program gave them an opportunity to share their story with others in a meaningful way.

Fourteen of the 16 participating residents completed a short survey at the end of the program. Twelve of 14 agreed that the AVID Challenge provided them with opportunities to engage with the wider community and increased their self esteem.

Thirteen of 14 agreed that the challenge has enabled them to share their story, preferences, likes and dislikes with others.

For more information on the program, contact: Lindl Webster, Diversional Therapist email: lindlwebster@adventistseniorliving.com.au or phone: (02) 4977 0151.

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