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    Frequently Asked Questions on CAAT, the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency’s new Computer Assisted Audit Tool


    What is CAAT?

    Launched in June 2017, CAAT (Computer Assisted Audit Tool) is a customised application used by our quality surveyors during assessment visits to residential aged care homes.

    We conduct assessment visits to ensure homes comply with Australian standards for quality of care and services in aged care (aged care quality standards), so that older people receive the best care possible.

    The use of CAAT for quality assessments is expected to increase transparency, support more consumer friendly reports, enhance compliance monitoring and deliver accreditation services more efficiently.

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    How does CAAT improve quality assessment?

    Our quality surveyors use CAAT to capture information from interviews, observations and document reviews during assessment visits to residential aged care homes. 

    Access to such data will enable us to compile more comprehensive and objective information on a home’s performance, than the previous paper-based method.

    Ultimately this will help the Quality Agency better identify ‘at-risk’ services and improve compliance.

    At a regulatory case management level, the data can inform risk-based approaches to assessing a home’s performance.   

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    What makes CAAT unique as an audit tool?

    CAAT is one of the first of its kind, in that it uniquely captures data from interviews, observations and document reviews. 

    Unlike many audit tools, which consist of a simple linear checklist, this tool meets the unique situations and challenges of quality assessment in aged care. It was designed over many months of research and consultation between quality surveyors and IT developers.

    Other features that make CAAT unique include:

    • Dashboard to review evidence against outcomes of the standards while on site
    • Synchronised, real-time data to enhance team-based assessment
    • Flagging of information and issues requiring follow-up
    • Availability of detailed and quantifiable data that can be used to help improve services.

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    How does CAAT benefit consumers?

    CAAT will provide richer data for analysis on the performance of services against the standards.  This means the Quality Agency can focus on areas of greatest risk for consumers through our regulator programs, and our education and support for sector improvement.

    In the next phase of work, CAAT will integrate the new consumer interviews so their outcomes can be supported by integrated audit reporting for consumers on how a home is performing against the expected standards of care and service.

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    How does CAAT benefit providers?

    CAAT will add value to the assessment process, including more detailed briefings with providers during assessment visits.  Data from CAAT will support evidence informed sector support and focus on areas of greatest risk.

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    Will anything change during on-site assessments?

    There are no real changes to what’s expected from providers, staff and residents – there is a similar interview and self-assessment process.


    Contact for CAAT

    For more information on this uniquely designed, customised CAAT, email

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