June 2017

New Consumer Experience Reports

The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency has produced new Consumer Experience Reports on residential aged care homes that will be published online from 30 June 2017.  You can also now view a sample of the report online.

The Quality Agency interviews more than 50,000 residents of aged care homes each year as part of the assessment against standards for the quality of care and services in aged care.

Quality Agency CEO Nick Ryan says: “The new Consumer Experience Reports will support consumer choice, and promote continuous improvement in quality care and services in residential aged care homes.  We are committed to giving consumers a stronger voice and choice in quality service provision.”

The new reports show responses to questions from people who live at the home such as ‘Do you like the food here?’ and ‘Do you feel safe here?

Accreditation audit reports on each home are published on our website.  The new Consumer Experience Reports will complement these audit reports through conveying how consumers experience the care they receive in a home. The reports will also benefit providers – offering new insights on areas for continuous improvement. 

Nick Ryan says he’s grateful for input from all the stakeholders involved in designing the reports. “Designing the reports has involved many months of work from the working group representing consumers, providers and other key stakeholders, and extensive research by La Trobe University and the University of Sydney. We’re also grateful to have received input from Quality Agency Staff.

“The result is a simple yet insightful report tailored to the needs of older people and appropriate to our assessment processes.” 

You can view a full sample of the new Consumer Experience Reports and learn more about Consumer Experience Reports at https://www.aacqa.gov.au/consumer-reports

Search accreditation audit reports on residential aged care homes at http://www.aacqa.gov.au/publications/reports