December 2017

2017 at a glance

In 2017, the Quality Agency launched a number of initiatives to improve quality assessments, provider education and consumer choice in aged care.

Highlights included:

  • Draft guidelines: single set of aged care quality standards: We conducted consultations with industry and other experts to develop guidance material for new aged care standards to be introduced from July 2018.
  • Home care assessment: We developed new guidance material to support providers in home care delivery under the Government’s Increasing Choice in Home Care which launched in February.
  • Better Practice Awards: Opening nominations in April, we introduced a new tier, the Innovation and Excellence Awards, celebrating aged care programs that demonstrate innovation or excellence beyond existing or competing initiatives, with evidence of partnerships, support for the total wellbeing of aged care consumers, continuous improvement, and clear benefits for the aged care sector, capable of generating international interest.
  • Computer Assisted Audit Tool (CAAT): Launched in June. A tablet-style tool used by Quality Surveyors during quality assessment visits to improve data and evidence collection, and help streamline the production of reports. Designed to meet the unique situations and challenges of aged care quality assessment.
  • Consumer Experience Reports: Launched in July. These reports provide information about how consumers experience the quality of care and services they receive in a home.  Consumer Experience Reports are published alongside reaccreditation audit reports on our website.
  • Serious risk: In recent months, we have developed a new education and provider information campaign looking at the consequences and management of failure of placing a care recipient at serious risk. Resources from our seminar series on serious risk are now available for download on our website.
  • Qassist learning resources: Launched in November 2017. We use Qassist to provide compliance assistance education. These resources are now available online for broader sector access and use. 

    2018: looking ahead

    In 2018 the Quality Agency will continue working with providers, consumers, government and the broader community to improve quality assessments, and consumer choice and safety.

    We will be launching a comprehensive education program to support the sector to prepare for the new Standards. We will also be holding a Better Practice for the Future national conference event on 23-24 August in Sydney and a series of state based events.

    Stay on top of news out of the Quality Agency in 2018 by reading Quality Standard each month. We’ll be back in February!