April 2017

Falls awareness month in April

With many health services marking April as a falls awareness month, we have put together some useful links aimed at preventing falls in aged care settings. 

According to the Australian Insitute of Health and Welfare, fall-related hospitalisation is particularly common among older people. In 2011–12, 96,385 people aged 65 and over were hospitalised for a fall-related injury.  

Here are useful resources you can download from Commonwealth and state government websites, and other sources:

A NSW Falls Prevention Network Forum is coming up 19 May 2017 - see the NSW Falls Prevention Network website at fallsnetwork.neura.edu.au

There are also courses online, including:

  • A new online course, Falls Prevention - Home and Community Safety Online Workshop, has been designed to train occupational therapists and other health care providers to conduct a comprehensive home visit to reduce the risk of falls for older community‐residing adults. Put together by Lindy Clemson, Professor of Ageing and Occupational Therapy at the Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney www.fallspreventiononlineworkshops.com.au