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    Better Practice 2016

     This year’s theme is The quality experience - beyond the expected.

    Join us as we look at what is required to move beyond minimum standards of care to embrace a broader definition of quality that puts the consumer experience of quality of life firmly at the centre of care and focuses on sub themes such as:

    • Rethinking quality care - culture, organisational leadership and quality improvement
    • The consumer voice and consumer directed care - supporting informed choice for consumers
    • Incentivise what matters - Safety is essential but not enough, exploring the dignity of risk
    • 'Board to bedside' - quality culture that encourages excellence, supports diversity and addresses challenges
    • Coordinated effort - Integrating personal, medical and clinical care across the aged care experience
    • Innovative lifestyle and food
    • Quality dementia care


    The quality experience…. Beyond the expected



    5 - 6 May 2016

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    2 - 3 June 2016

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    28 - 29 July 2016

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    18 - 19 August 2016

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    15 - 16 September 2016

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    13 - 14 October 2016

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    10 - 11 November 2016