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    Quality Surveyor Handbook


    The Quality Surveyor Handbook provides guidance for Quality Surveyors working with the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency.

    Latest update

    In October 2018 the Quality Surveyor Handbook was updated to:

    • reflect the change from State Offices/Directors to Regional Offices/Directors, and
    • clarify information about minimum number of interviews.

    From May 2017 the Quality Surveyor Handbook replaces the previous Quality Assessor Handbook.

    About the Handbook

    • The Quality Surveyor Handbook sets out the requirements, procedures and obligations for Quality Surveyors and outlines the best practice methods when carrying out assessments in residential aged care, home care, Commonwealth home support program (CHSP) services and National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flexible aged care services.
    • The handbook is used by Quality Surveyors as a reference before, during and after assessments take place.
    • It outlines their role, the types of assessments they will be asked to undertake, the planning required, and the legislative and policy requirements when carrying them out.

    Questions about the Quality Surveyor Handbook can be emailed to

    About Quality Surveyors

    Quality Surveyors are central to the Quality Agency’s quality assurance program. Their assessment of performance of aged care services against the applicable standards is the basis on which the Quality Agency makes its statutory decisions and determines the nature and extent of compliance monitoring activities covering: residential aged care services, home care services, CHSP services, and National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flexible aged care services.

    Details in the Quality Surveyor Handbook (PDF)

    Access the accessible version: Quality Surveyor Handbook (accessible Word)

    Also see Quality Surveyor CER Sampling Factsheet (Word)