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      Quality Standard

      The Quality Standard is a monthly newsletter for aged care homes and home care providers.

      We aim to bring you news on quality - quality of care and quality of life for older Australians in aged care and those receiving home care services.

      We feature stories on what we do to promote quality, accreditation and quality review processes, statistics and analysis of industry performance, news on the latest research to help you do your job, and information on our popular education program.

      You can read the Quality Standard online or you can download a copy in pdf format. Click on the relevant issue in the menu on the left.

      Do you have a story?
      If you have a story you'd like featured in Quality Standard, contact the editors at editor@aacqa.gov.au

      Want to receive your copy of Quality Standard?
      Please email your mailing details to editor@aacqa.gov.au to be added to the mailing list. You can choose to receive it as a printed copy or by email.