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    Complaints about us

    As a regulatory agency, we welcome feedback from external stakeholders. We actively seek and use feedback we receive via complaints to improve the way we do things.

    This page provides information about making a complaint about the Quality Agency’s practices and services - and how we assess, resolve and manage complaints. 

    If you have a complaint about an aged care service, please contact the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner. Also see What our complaints policy does not cover (below).

    How to lodge a complaint

    To lodge a complaint about us please download our Complaints form. You can complete the form electronically and email it to  If you can't complete the form electronically, you can fill it out by hand and either scan and email or send to Australian Aged Care Quality Agency - complaints, PO Box 773 Parramatta NSW 2124.

    How your complaint will be processed

    Once we receive your complaint, we will respond to you with information that may include: an outline of our complaints process, expected timeframes, the progress of the complaint and reasons for any delay, your involvement in the process, and the possible or likely outcome of your complaint.

    We will advise you as soon as possible when we are unable to deal with any part of your complaint and provide advice about where such issues and or complaints may be directed.

    What our complaints policy doesn’t cover…

    While we welcome complaints about our services and programs, our complaints policy does not cover:

    • complaints about regulatory decisions made by the Quality Agency
    • complaints about fees and charges applied by the Quality Agency
    • complaints about aged care facilities or services
    • internal staff grievances, code of conduct investigations and public interest disclosures about staff.

    For further information about making a complaint with the Quality Agency, please contact us at 1800 978 666 or email

    Complaints about aged care services

    If you would like to make a complaint about an aged care service, the Australian Government has appointed an independent Aged Care Complaints Commissioner to handle and investigate any complaint about a Commonwealth-subsidised aged care service.

    Any person can make a complaint to the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner, including care recipients, family members, friends, staff, volunteers, or professionals. Complaints may relate to any aspect of services including care, choice of activities, discrimination, catering, communication or the physical environment.

    Complaints about aged care service may be made to the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner via phone on 1800 550 552 or by visiting

    You can also provide information to us if you have concerns about an aged care service which we will use in managing our audit program.