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    Our organisation

    The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency is an Australian Government statutory agency established under the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency Act 2013 and subject to the Aged Care Act 1997 and Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. Our functions are detailed in the Quality Agency Principles 2013.   


    What we do

    We ensure high quality care for people receiving Australian Government-subsidised aged care by fulfilling our key functions:

    • accrediting residential aged care services
    • conducting quality reviews of aged care services provided in the home and community, including Home Care, Commonwealth Home Support, and National Aboriginal aged care services
    • monitoring compliance with the applicable standards
    • promoting high quality care and innovation through sector engagement, information and training
    • publishing performance information on the quality of care and services, and
    • maintaining a register of Quality Surveyors.

    We assess these services against Australian standards for the quality of care and services in aged care (quality standards).

    We promote clear expectations for continuous quality improvement in service delivery. We hold providers to account where they are not meeting the expected standards. This includes notifying the Department of Health about services that do not meet the standards. 

    The Quality Agency is part of the portfolio of the Department of Health.  The Minister for Health appoints the Quality Advisory Council who advise the Quality Agency on important matters such as safety and compliance. Working with the Department, the Quality Agency is helping to develop streamlined approaches to quality assessment under a single quality framework, and developing sector support for its implementation.

    To promote compliance, transparency, and to inform consumer choice, our website publishes all decisions to accredit, re-accredit or revoke the accreditation of residential aged care homes.  Please see our find a report on a home search

    From July 2017 the Quality Agency is providing a new consumer interview report with information on how residential aged care residents and their representatives experience the quality of care.

    Before the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency was established in 2014, the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Ltd was responsible for the accreditation of residential aged care in Australia.

    Corporate publications

    You will find detailed information about the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency’s structure, functions, activities, values and consultation arrangements in our Corporate Publications (links to new page).


    ISQua accreditation

    The Quality Agency is accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) and we participate in their accreditation program.

    This is formal recognition that our performance as an accrediting body has been assessed by peer reviewers against international standards and that we meet international best practice requirements. The ISQua reaccreditation surveyors are from other international accrediting bodies.

    We have ISQua organisational accreditation until September 2021.  It was awarded by ISQua following an independent survey against the ISQua International Standards for External Evaluation Organisations, 4th edition.

    Our quality surveyor training program is accredited by ISQua until October 2019. It was awarded by ISQua following an independent assessment against the ISQua Surveyor Training Programme Standards, 2nd Edition.

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    Our Structure

    The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency’s branches and regional offices deliver valuable accreditation, quality review and support functions to the organisation.

    Organisational structure (pdf)

    or Organisational structure (Word)

    Office of the CEO

    The Office of the CEO supports the CEO to ensure that the Quality Agency undertakes its legislative obligations effectively within the framework established by the Australian Government and in consultation with the Advisory Council. 

    Regulatory Policy and Performance

    The Regulatory Policy and Performance Branch develops regulatory strategy and policy advice for the exercise of the Quality Agency’s statutory functions and leads regulatory performance monitoring and reporting.  There are two sections that work collaboratively with others across the Agency and with our external stakeholders to ensure that we are accountable, effective, and responsive in our regulation of Commonwealth funded aged care services. We are committed to learning and applying the best evidence available to achieve our corporate objectives.


    Operations Branch is responsible for the accreditation of government-subsidised residential aged care services and the quality review of home care services, which includes community support packages, respite for carers and day therapy centres, as well as flexible care programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people.  The Operations Branch works through Quality Agency offices around Australia to deliver services to providers and the broader community.

    Corporate Services

    Corporate Services Branch supports effective corporate governance and ensures business capability. It includes Human Resources, Finance and Information Technology.

    Read more about our management, accountability and governance structure in the Management and Accountability section of the 2016/17 Annual Report.

    Industry Engagement and Communications Branch

    The Industry Engagement and Communications Branch is responsible for the Quality Agency’s communication and engagement with key internal and external stakeholders, including peak bodies, approved providers and other representative groups to ensure the best possible outcomes for people accessing aged care. Functions include delivery of education and engagement activities (including compliance assist, Better Practice and Quality Surveyor Training programs), management of communications and media engagement, support for staff engagement and change management, provision of secretariat support for the Aged Care Quality Advisory Council and the Quality Agency Liaison Group and a range of corporate planning and reporting functions.

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    In addition to working with the Advisory Council, the Quality Agency works with a range of government, community and industry representatives. 

    The Quality Agency consults with consumers and provides information to help inform their choice in aged care services. Consumer engagement activities in 2017 include the development of reports for consumers on residential aged care homes.

    We regularly consult with providers and peak bodies representing aged care in Australia. We also supply education, training and compliance assistance to providers.

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    Feedback and complaints

    At the Quality Agency we are committed to the continuous improvement of our own processes. We use the feedback provided by our stakeholders, as well as complaints information, to guide improvements to our services. 

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    The Quality Agency’s vision is for a world-class aged care service driven by empowered consumers who enjoy the best possible quality of life. 

    As an Australian public service agency, we share the values of the broader public service, including impartiality, commitment to service, accountability, respect and ethical behaviour.

    The priorities of safety, quality and informed consumer choice are at the heart of Australian aged care reform. 


    Statement of Expectation

    The Minister for Health issued a Statement of Expectation to the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency in 2016. This articulates the Government's expectations about the Quality Agency’s roles and responsibilities.

    Statement of Expectation 2016

    Statement of Intent

    The Quality Agency’s Statement of Intent outlines how we will meet the Minister's Statement of Expectations. It includes information on our role, responsibilities and relationship with government.

    Statement of Intent 2016

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