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    About us

    The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency started on 1 January 2014 and was set up under the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency Act 2013. This was updated on 25 March 2015.

    Our short title is the Quality Agency.

    We are a statutory agency subject to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 1997.

    Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is appointed by the Minister for the Department of Health.

    The Minister appoints an Advisory Council

    Our annual report is tabled in the Parliament yearly, and we appear at the Senate Estimates hearings three times a year.

    Regulator Performance Framework

    The Australian Government introduced a Regulator Performance Framework to measure the performance of regulators. The Framework includes six performance indicators. Agencies are required to assess and report on their performance against these performance indicators annually commencing from the 2015-2016 financial year. The Quality Agency has developed a comprehensive set of measures to assist our assessment and reporting. More information about the government’s Regulator Performance Framework is available at: Cutting Red Tape web site.

    Access our performance measures (PDF).

    Access our Regulator Performance Self- assessment Report 2015-16 (PDF).

    Access our Regulator Performance Self-assessment Report 2015-16 Accessible version(word). 

    The accreditation processes are set out in the Quality Agency Principles 2013.

    Our functions, as set out in the legislation, are:

    • to accredit residential care services
    • to conduct quality review of home care services (from 1 July 2014)
    • to register quality assessors
    • to advise the Secretary of the Department about aged care services that do not meet the Standards
    • to promote high quality care, innovation in quality management and continuous improvement
    • to provide information, education and training.

    The Quality Agency Act 2013 also provides for the CEO to perform “such other functions (if any) as are specified by the Minister by legislative instrument”, and “to do anything incidental to or conducive to the performance of any of the above functions.”

    We have offices in Parramatta (Sydney), Box Hill (Melbourne), Adelaide, Osborne Park (Perth) and Bowen Hills (Brisbane).

    We have around 100 permanent registered aged care quality assessors, and a further 35 people in senior specialist or line management roles who are also registered assessors and who can be called upon to undertake audits. There are another 200-plus assessors who are also available to undertake assignments on a casual or contract basis, depending on the accreditation cycle.

    Access our Corporate Plan 2016 - 20 (pdf) or access our Corporate Plan 2016 - 20 (Word 1.8 MB) 

    Access our Organisational structure (pdf) or access our Organisational structure (Word 200kb)

    Access annual reports on our Annual Reports page.

    Access our Corporate Plan 2015 - 16 (PDF)

    Access our Statement of Intent (pdf)

    Access our Statement of Expectation (pdf)

    Media release:

    27 July 2016: AACQA acting on new evidence regarding Mitcham Residential Care Facility